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some stuff about me...

By nature, I am a spiritual explorer and clarifier.
By training, an academic philosopher and certified IFS Therapist.

I integrate therapy, spirituality, and philosophy. Combining these overlapping disciplines has created my unique approach to mentoring, teaching and collaborating with clients and students.

In 2019 I created a physical space in St. Louis as an incubator for my work. Check out The Center For Inner Transformation here.

how i work...

I integrate psychology and spirituality with rigorous attention to persistent philosophical  questions.

Philosophy clarifies ideas and cuts through the superficial. Psychotherapy brings care for human suffering to the universalizing wisdom of philosophy. Spirituality deepens and gives meaning to both, inviting our truest Selves to show up and shine.


And unless we attend to the troubled cultural environment in which we're steeped, our evolution personally and collectively will be painfully slow, at best.

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my relationship with the IFS Institute...

Dick Schwartz, founder of IFS, is a good friend and has always supported my work here in St. Louis.

In the last couple of years, as demands on the IFS Institute bloomed, many dedicated IFS therapists have begun to offer what I think of as “pop-up” teaching modules to support the Institute and support the flourishing of IFS in the field. There is no vetting and affiliation process yet. I've talked directly with Katie Nelson (IFSI CEO) about this issue and hope to help the Institute formulate an affiliation strategy in 2024. In the meantime, please use your own discernment to know which of the many wonderful IFS offerings in the field will be best for you.



PhD in Philosophy from Washington University

AOS Discourse Ethics, 2001

MA in Counseling from Webster University, 2008

MA in Philosophy from Washington University, 1991

MAT & K-8 certification from Montclair State University, 1987

BA in Religion and Philosophy from Principia College, 1986

Training & Certification

IFS Level 1 Training: 2011

IFS Level 2 Training: 2016

IFS Level 3 Training: 2019

IFS Therapist Certification: 2021

IFS Consultant Certification: expected March, 2023

SQ21: Spiritual IQ Certification, 2015

Retreats with Pema Chodron, 2012, 2014

Safe Space Domestic Abuse Training, 2011

License in Professional Counseling, Missouri, 2010

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