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Recommended IFS Therapists and Coaches

I am often asked for referrals.  Everybody on this list is someone I know, have vetted, and/or have worked with myself. All have some background with IFS. Those with a star are centered in IFS. I recommend each of them. Of course, therapists and coaches are like shoes… You may well have to try them on and walk a bit before you find the best fit.

Most recent update, February 2023.

LOCAL St Louis IFS THERAPISTS with IFSI training through Level Two

Tamara Blum - IFS  experienced clinical social work teens, individuals, couples, families

LeAnna (Lou) Carmichael - IFS

Kelly Caul -  Individuals, and teenage girl groups

Emma Donovan - holistic shamanism and therapy

Kate Early - IFS & Couples

Jen Gauvain - IFS and couples
Paul Lehmann - individuals

Karissa Mueller - IFS, new mothers

Jean Ricks-Ayer - IFS and trauma therapist

Mark Robinson - Conflict resolution, couples. IFS
Holly Strelow - CS background, IFS, broad practice


Nation-wide IFS-informed Practitioners & Coaches

Elizabeth Cush
Joy Kiefer

Eileen O'Hare

Presley Pizzo

Polly Mahoney

how to find a good therapist?

info coming soon...

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